Bollard luminaires
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Bollard lights are a shorter type of post lights, with the main purpose of illuminating the ground in a limited area. Bollard lights are a great match for entryways, parkways, or sidewalks, but also compliment green areas with medium height plants with extra accent or bring forth decorative soil. The bollard lights provided by Light24 are resistant to harsh exterior conditions and have a long life.

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Model 7088
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 34 cm


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CHEVALIER is a solar beacon for outdoor lighting. It is a perfect lamp to illuminate passage areas at the entrance of homes or in the garden, because it regulates only the light level according to the presence of people in movement. During the day it stays off in charging mode; at night it projects a dim light until it detects someone around, at which point it emits the total of its light. It can be installed as a beacon or as a stake.