In our latitudes, there are many hours of darkness that must be compensated with artificial light. Not only the backyard and garden path, but also streets, parks, playgrounds and running tracks need additional lighting all year round. Since creating an external lighting solution is an expensive and time-consuming proposition, it is important that the quality of the lighting meets the harsh weather conditions found in the Nordic countries and that the lighting should last for years.

Conscious planning of outdoor lighting plays an important role in designing the home environment. There are endless possibilities and choices, and to navigate better in this field, we’ve put together a little overview. Here we present the simplest solutions that everyone can install themselves. However, if you need help creating a more complex and special lighting solution, our consultants will be happy to discuss your wishes and needs and offer suitable solutions.

High ceilings in loft-style apartments provide a sense of openness to the room, but can illuminating it a true challenge – usual lighting solutions can be underwhelming, tall walls require something that brings out the uniqueness of the space further. Our good partner KU design shares their experience on designing the Erwin house rental apartment.