MAMBO is a designer lights collection created by Faro Lab. MAMBO collection includes pendant lights, wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps with different sizes and shades. A rattan shade gives any room a truly cozy look. It is a classic light that looks modern thanks to the black finishing details.

Guadalupe is a designer lights collection created by Faro Lab. The collection includes a wall lamp, a table lamp, and a floor lamp. The simple cylinder of the lampshade gives any room a modern look. It is possible to direct the light as you wish. The collection includes versions with green and beige finishes.

LE VITA is a designer lights collection created by Nahtrang, which includes a pendant light, a floor lamp, a wall lamp, a table lamp and a floor-length pendant light. The design of LE VITA is delicate and simple - the glass diffuser on a frame with a fine line is elegant and unpretentious so it fits into interiors of different styles. The collection includes versions with black and gold finishes.

WHIZZ is a set of design lamps created by Christoph Friedrich Wagner, which presents trendy finishes such as the combination of black and sating gold. Ideal for using with a decorative filament bulb. The design collection also have the extensible wall lamp, the floor lamp, the pendant lamp and the pendant/floor lamp.

ZAC – an Art Deco collection of geometrically shaped luminaires for modern spaces where simplicity dominates. FRAME collection is a form of modern, minimalist lighting with the idea to capture frosted spheres in large geometric frameworks. Lampshades, mounted on metal frames, have a satin finish and diffuse the light evenly and beautifully. Luminaires in the […]

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(Eesti) Faro Barcelona on pikalt olnud meie hea partner - oleme juba 16 aastat selle uuendusliku valgustitootja ametlikuks esindajaks ning käepikenduseks Eestis. Novembri alguses kutsus Faro meid endale Barcelonasse külla. Tutvusime Faro suurepärase disainerite tiimiga, vaatasime üle tootmiseüksused, kvaliteedikontrolli osakonna, piilusime lattu ja logistikaosakonda ning külastasime Faro salonge ja esindust Barcelona kesklinnas.

The DUVAL collection is characterized by small dimensions of strips and joints. Thanks to the small cross-section of the strip, the wall covered with slats of the Duval series is not overwhelming. The whole is subtle to the eye and, therefore, it is often used, especially in smaller rooms. The collection is available in three colors. Therefore it is easy to match the panels of this series to interiors using both a warm and cold color scheme.

The BALZAC collection consists of decorative panels of a unique arrangement of the strips Alternating narrow and wide strips results in a very interesting visual effect. The Balzac series panels are excellent for rooms where they can play the leading role. Slats will look great on a free wall making an exceptional interior decoration. The collection is available in the colour of gold and light and dark wood.

The HUGO collection is most often selected by our customers due to the exceptional thickness of its strips (2.1cm). The Hugo series means the simplicity of form, which makes it significantly easier to arrange the interior. These slats match most arrangements. The panels are available in three wood shades. Due to the distinct three-dimensionality, they are very frequently installed not only on walls but also on the ceiling, which perfectly marks out zones in the room.